california is...

..one of the finest places in this world for white water boat-riding. some of us gypsies here left our humble shack in the land of pristine waters and headed south for a week to the sierra nevada

i was so happy above superslide i made a jig dance

we boofed many holes. this one is on the Clavey river

a nice park'n hike'n huck on the south Tuolumne

classic drops on the south branch of the Feather above, and the south fork of the Yuba, below

a gypsy cooking up some delicious dirt 'taters in a parking lot near the Yuba

in true style and tribute to Lars Holbek, we decided to put on the South Merced without shuttle and hitch back to the put in after a sweet two days on the river. br />

max routing the superslide of the south Merced