busy beavers

springtime here in the gorge you can find us beavers very active , venturing forth from the warm confines of the lodge to romp in the cold pure waters that abound

one weekend we found ourselves deep in the State of Jefferson, putting on a river I have always wanted to do- the Illinois. the Illy is but a class IV float but easily one of the most beautiful places I have been...

inspired by the visit of good friend Rodrigo from Kayak Pucon, we hiked up Eagle Creek to connect with the spirit of the salmon on Metlako falls

also of note, a burly new tradition has begun on the L Dub, with LJ's catching of the west coast's "birthday eddy" on his birthday. check the sequence...

but the best days here are passed on the bless-ed waters of the Little White Salmon, which may see a shorter than average season. the river is already dropping, but there is still snow on the mountain and fire in the bellies so who knows.... it's all part of the mystical nature of the L Dub

Justin Wiley layin it down


south branch, middle feather, Cali

we made the long drive through the night, over mountains and valleys, highways and alleys. From the Columbia Gorge we arrived to the lovely Feather drainage, far from the reaches of Babylon and before the post-Reno crowds. what we found were marshmallowy levels, endless waterfalls, blue skies and sicklines, as you can see in the photos....

life is a dream

portraits of cuba

pedaleando por cuba

some shots from biking across cuba this february. if you ever go to cuba bring your bicycle, some patience, a good spirit and a few bottles of hot sauce and you will be stoked.