Amazonia to Patagonia: band of f**king gypsies

This jonx was started in Chile while our truck was getting fixed at the Maipo and for some reason the internet was working really fast. That was not until towards the end of our trip though. Before then and since then we have seen and done some sweet and savage shit.... It started in the Amazon basin of Ecuador, bombing down steep boulder rapids in the oppressive jungle heat, and ended in Chile and Argentina, living the dream. The gypsies: Max aka Moses, Jared the Chicoco, Calm Dave, Graham-bone, Mr. Ludwig, EG, myself and some others. The gypsy wagon was delivered to Santiago on a sad sunday and now we are all home. It was good while it lasted.
3 countries, 36 sections of river on 29 different rivers, many many waterfalls, and who even knows how many liters of wine

Some Chile photos

Some Argentina Photos:
1) boof into the maw, los alerces by ill will lyons
2) below the alerces, rio manso by will lyons
3) ill will on the cali drop, entering the heart of the ojodeculo
4) jared on the slide of alerces
5) el pueblo mapuche vive
6) exiting the ojodeculo gorge
7) from a highway campsite

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