This is long overdue, especially considering Ecuador is a home away from home for me. This winter was my third time in the country and although our stay was short and plagued by low water, we were able to have fun firing down some of the classics. Here are some pictures...some from when I lived there a few years ago and some from this past winter.

rio guayas, guayaquil city


sketchiest portage ever on the lower Misahualli

jared on his way into the Quijos

first boof of the Jondachi

falls of the Pusuno- Jared Seiler photo

sunrise in Montanita

the upper Misahualli

max entering the land of the giants

bombing down the papallacta

jondachi boogie- photo J.Seiler

more Jondachi boogie- by J.Seiler

my good buddy BoBaines on the volcanoe known as Cayambe

me, the only gringo, at a celebration in the middle of nowhere

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