BC the promised land

looking downstream at the siphon rapid on the Ashlu, one of the most beautiful gorges I have been through

yours truly on 10 footer #1

then 10 footer #2

Max airing it out

the lake where we camped when it wasnt raining

the Squamish valley

Paul gettin' sum

Sick Lines

Stoked to finally make it to BC, the land of sick whitewater and beautiful women, Max and I were fired up. Unfortunately we got to the province a tad too late to really tap into the goods, but we made do and still had a damn good time. We shredded skook for a few days and then hit up the whistler/squamish area with a posse of good friends met along the way. The blue skies lasted for a while and we got on the classic upper Cheakamus and then the Box of the Ashlu- maybe our last chance to run it while it is still free flowing (Before Ledcor finishes raping and daming).

Then the rains came and before we knew it we were balls deep in the vertical walled Box at high flows and rising. Pretty f-ing stout if you ask me, but the Everests dominated and we hiked our asses out. From then on every creek we scouted was raging and we figured we'd cut our losses, get drunk and find our way to the border. Needless to say, BC was the shit and the people we met there were incredibly cool and hospitable. Be back next year...

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Jay Gifford said...

Yeah Mike!!

Glad to hear you boys had a good one. Talk to you soon.